Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How do you package your frozen rodents?

All of our frozen rodents are vacuum packaged, unless requested otherwise.  Our feeders are frozen flat to facilitate the easy removal of individual feeders.  The packages will stack space efficiently in your freezer.

What do you feed your rodents?

We feed our mice and rats Mazuri rodent diets.  In our opinion it is the best diet available.

How do you euthanize the rodents prior to freezing?

We use gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) to euthanize our rodents.  This is considered the most humane method.  It is both quick and painless for the animals.

How do you ship? Will they arrive frozen?

We use FedEx for our shipping.  All orders are guaranteed to arrive frozen…even three day ground.

What is the best way to thaw out rodents for feeding?

We prefer to let frozen rats and frozen mice thaw to room temperature overnight if we plan on feeding the next morning, or during the day if we’re going to feed that night.  It is important to break the vacuum seal on the bag before thawing as the vacuum will draw blood out of the noses of the thawing rodents, which can be messy.

When ready to feed, place the thawed rodents under a heat lamp or on a heat pad until they are warm to the touch. Another method is to submerse the rodents in a bucket of warm water. This can be done while they are still in the bag or out of the bag. If you are thawing multiple feeders, you may need to re-warm the water several times. If your feeders get wet during this process, dry them off gently using paper towels.  Be careful not to soak them for too long…is easy to over do it.  This will make the abdomens soft, especially for mice, causing their insides to pop out when constricted by a snake….yuk!

We do not recommend the use of microwaves for thawing or warming up prey items.  The rodents will not be uniformly warmed and hot spots can burn your pet.