About Us

Our Philosophy

Rodents raised for food deserve the same level of care as all animals in captivity.  We strive to provide a stress-free environment.  Our rodents have constant availability of fresh air, food and water.  Our enclosures are kept clean and uncrowded.  We take the responsibilities of animal husbandry very seriously and pride ourselves on the level of care and the healthy environment we provide.  We have animal care staff present 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You can be assured that every animal you purchase from us was well cared for and treated humanely, with compassion and respect.

Healthy. Clean. Accurately sized. Humanely euthanized. Vacuum-sealed, flat packaging.  These are standards you should expect – this is what you will get from PerfectPrey.com!

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!


Frequently asked questions

How do you package your frozen rodents?

All of our frozen rodents are vacuum packaged, unless requested otherwise.  Our feeders are frozen flat to facilitate the easy removal of individual feeders.  The packages will stack space efficiently in your freezer.

What do you feed your rodents?

We feed our mice and rats Mazuri rodent diets.  In our opinion it is the best diet available.

How do you euthanize the rodents prior to freezing?

We use gaseous carbon dioxide (CO2) to euthanize our rodents.  This is considered the most humane method.  It is both quick and painless for the animals.

How do you ship? Will they arrive frozen?

We use FedEx for our shipping.  All orders are guaranteed to arrive frozen…even three day ground.

What is the best way to thaw out rodents for feeding?

We prefer to let frozen rats and frozen mice thaw to room temperature overnight if we plan on feeding the next morning, or during the day if we’re going to feed that night.  It is important to break the vacuum seal on the bag before thawing as the vacuum will draw blood out of the noses of the thawing rodents, which can be messy.

When ready to feed, place the thawed rodents under a heat lamp or on a heat pad until they are warm to the touch. Another method is to submerse the rodents in a bucket of warm water. This can be done while they are still in the bag or out of the bag. If you are thawing multiple feeders, you may need to re-warm the water several times. If your feeders get wet during this process, dry them off gently using paper towels.  Be careful not to soak them for too long…is easy to over do it.  This will make the abdomens soft, especially for mice, causing their insides to pop out when constricted by a snake….yuk!

We do not recommend the use of microwaves for thawing or warming up prey items.  The rodents will not be uniformly warmed and hot spots can burn your pet.


Perfect Prey and Lox Herp Team Photo, Summer 2016

Jim Galloway

Jim (pictured far left with his dog, Melanie) is one of the founders of PerfectPrey.com. His vision and work ethic have been the driving forces for our expansion from a small mouse colony in an air conditioned trailer to the 10,000+ sq. ft. facility we are today. He is a jack-of-all-trades and has designed and built most of the buildings and animal breeding systems we use today. Always thinking about his next project, he has created a very dynamic environment here.

Jim has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Cornell University and received his MBA in business from Florida Atlantic University. Before going full-time with PerfectPrey, Jim was a senior environmental biologist with the South Florida Water Management District. He oversaw a team in charge of wetland restoration and invasive species control.

Jim has a keen interest in the science and practice of composting, luckily he has plenty of material to work with here! When he does have free time, he enjoys carpentry and wood working. He is currently building a wood cabin on a secluded 10 acre wooded lot. With his newly acquired saw mill he has been cutting all his own boards from locally harvested trees. His favorite wood he has seen so far is Australian pine, an invasive here in South Florida, that is both heavy and beautiful when cut into boards.

Bill Galloway

Bill (pictured holding his daughter, Olivia) is the other founder of PerfectPrey.com. His interest and work with animals has been an important asset in the development and management of our different breeding systems. He has had a life long interest in the natural world. When he was a boy, his bedroom was constantly filled with various aquariums and terrariums containing all types of creatures and plants. He accumulated a large library of books about nature and wildlife and was constantly learning and absorbing as much as he could.

He grew up on the Great South Bay on Long Island and his love of fishing and the water made him want to be a marine biologist or a commercial fisherman. Throughout high school he worked at a fish market and a pet store. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the State University of New York, College of Environment Science and Forestry. After college he moved to Florida and took a starting position as a relief keeper at the Palm Beach Zoo. When he left the zoo to go full-time with our business, he had worked his way up to an assistant curator position and was involved in the daily management of both the animal collection and staff.

In is off time, he spends his time with his wife, Stacey and their young daughter, Olivia. He wishes he had more time for fishing and travel.