Tips For Feeding Frozen Pinkies To Snakes

Many snake owners know how difficult it can be to change a reptile’s diet. This is not just true for snakes and in fact most reptiles are pretty picky about what they eat. We understand that and for this reason we are very careful about how we raise our pinkies and how we prepare them to be shipped to you.

One of the most important factors in choosing our frozen pinkies as your food of choice is that our mice are always raised in-house. This means that we know that they are healthy and of stock that is healthy, something that you can’t guarantee until you control the entire process.

Then, we humanely euthanize the pinkies to provide a range of different options in frozen mice. The small pinkies and pinkies we sell will be 2-3 grams which is perfect for smaller sized snakes and other reptiles and amphibians. We also have the peach fuzzy and fuzzy sizes frozen pinkies which are 3-7 grams and of course the larger size ranges up to the jumbo at 35-50 grams.

Tips for Choosing a Size

When feeding snakes or lizards frozen pinkies it is a good idea to start with the smallest size possible when the snake is a hatch ling. Depending on the type of snake it may not take a meal until after the first shed. Again, each snake species will be slightly different but on average consider one to two weeks for the shed and the need for a first feeding within three weeks of the shed.

Generally choose size of pinky that will cause a slightly visible lump in the snake when swallowed but that is easy for the snake to take into the mouth. As the feedings progress over the next weeks, typically one feeding per week, increase the size of the pinkies to ensure that the lump is visible after the meal has been consumed.

Feeding Schedules

For some snakes, especially the sub adults, feeding two or three times a week on the smaller pinkies is a better option than feeding one larger mouse once a week. This can promote a steady growth for the young snakes and tends to prevent problems if the snake refuses that weekly meal. Many of our customers prefer this option and indicate that it increases their snake’s growth rate and overall health.

All of our frozen pinkies are individually flash frozen and packaged, ready to be thawed at room temperature overnight and warmed up just prior to feeding. Safe, convenient and always available, our pinkies are a great option for any snake owner. ?

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