Our Suggestions For Top Reptile Feeders

If you are going to take the time to feed frozen and live foods to your reptiles, and we definitely think you should, then it is worthwhile to choose a top company to be your supplier. At Prefect Prey we have been in business since 2001 and have an amazing 10,000 foot plus facility where we produce the top of the line in all types of live and frozen reptile feeders.


If you have snakes or reptiles that you have raised from hatch lings or if you simply prefer the smaller varieties of lizards, snakes and reptiles available then you have probably had some experience in buying and feeding pinkies.

Pinkies are small mice, just a few days old, that have yet to develop a coat, hence the name. They are great reptile feeders because they are nutritionally very good for the growing reptile or even for some species of prey birds, plus through our lines they are healthy, proven stock.

Feeding pinkies to reptiles may take a bit of adjustment at first. We recommend thawing naturally overnight from their frozen state and then heating in warm water or under a heat lamp prior to feeding. Do not heat in a microwave; you don’t want them cooked after all.

Frozen Mice, Rats and Chicks

For larger snakes and reptiles, frozen mice, rats and day old chicks are an excellent feeding option. You can choose by size and, to make this even easier for our customers, we always list the weight in grams beside our size description. This ensures that you get just the size that you want.

These snake and reptile feeders come individually flash frozen so they are easy to handle and store. And, since they are not live you don’t have to deal with additional caging and storage or the very real risk of injury to your reptile or snake during the feeding process.

Live Crickets, Meal worms and Wax worms

Reptiles of all types, and some mammals and birds, will absolutely love our live crickets, meal worms and wax worms. Guaranteed 100% live and with free delivery, our crickets, meal worms and wax worms are a great dietary addition for your reptiles and even for birds and hedgehogs and other rodents. internet traffic statistics .

Since we offer all your prey food needs in either fresh or frozen form, and with our years of experience, you can count on getting the best quality reptile feeders available. When you are planning your next order give us a try, you will never be disappointed you did.?

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