Shredded Aspen: The healthiest rodent bedding

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Coming all the way from Wisconsin by train and then truck, this was a big load of shavings!   UNLIKE PINE trees,  ASPEN trees are hardwood trees that grow best in colder (compared to south Florida), northern climates. Because shredded aspen is a hardwood product, it does not contain the high levels of volatile phenol’s that are found in softwood products, such as pine and cedar bedding.  Volatile phenol’s (think, turpentine) are known to be carcinogenic and can also cause many other serious health issues, including respiratory, liver and kidney problems.  However, many breeders and hobbyists still prefer to use pine and cedar shavings due its cheaper price, and also because phenol’s somewhat mask foul odors by giving off that “clean” pine smell.

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One of our very top priorities here on the farm is the quality and safety of our animals’ living conditions. By maintaining a healthy, fresh and sanitary environment, we are able to produce the highest quality animals possible.   Although it is significantly more expensive, our choice to use Aspen bedding in place of Pine shavings, is one of the most important ways we keep our rodents happy and healthy.

Unloading a 53’ truckload of aspen bedding used to be an enormous amount of work for the entire team here on the farm. We receive one of these huge truckloads of aspen every 2 months.  Rather than unloading it by hand this time, we were able to take advantage of our new forklift!

Co-owner, Mr. Jim Galloway, led the troops from the seat of the forklift, confidently maneuvering hefty pallets out of the truck and into our 2

The rest of our team divided and conquered the delivery by using floor jacks to guide the pallets safely into storage and giving Jim directions as he carefully and methodically extracted each pallet from the truck.

Coming soon: The reveal of our newly insulated shipping facility!

Fun Fact: This shredded aspen isn’t just good for rodents, we also use it for housing our Ball Pythons.

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