Need a Lift?

Today was an exciting day on the farm, as we welcomed a new tool onto our property. It was several months ago that we saw a local advertisement for forklifts, and so the hunt began. After tirelessly researching and contacting individuals, we are pleased to announce that Perfect Prey is about to become vastly more efficient with this new addition! We are now able to unload and move copious amounts of materials in a mere fraction of the time it took us previously! Whether it is receiving supplies, moving rodent food or bedding, this machine is going to be the key to supreme efficiency. This means more time for us to focus on other aspects of our business, such as writing those lovely hand-written thank you notes on all of our customers’ invoices.

In addition to perfecting our signatures, we will be making several improvements to our buildings here on the farm. The first improvement will be taking place soon inside our shipping building as we begin the process of installing new spray foam insulation. This will allow for an even better temperature regulated environment when packing and shipping your top-notch frozen feeders. Check our Blog again soon for a post on this project!

As we continue to grow and improve our business, the farm expands and adjusts too. We began as a small family owned business, and we still maintain those family principles here on the farm. From raising and caring for our rodents, to precision packaging and customer care, our Perfect Prey family takes pride in providing you with the best quality product and service possible. We thank you for choosing Perfect Prey and greatly appreciate your continued support!

Stay tuned as we post more exciting news from our farm!


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